District Agricultural Development Plans [DADPS] can address Climate Change

This analysis of Kilosa and Chamwino District Councils District Agricultural Development Plans (DADPs) for 2010/2011, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 was carried out in order to provide recommendations on how DADPs can address climate change adaptation and mitigation in relation to small-scale farmers.  In accomplishing this analysis, review was made to the said DADPs documents for the two districts as well as two field visits for Focus Group Discussions in two villages one in Kilosa District and the other in Chamwino District. Other relevant documents were also reviewed to make it possible to provide useful insights to respond to the requirements of the analysis.

The study revealed the following three mixed situations in as far as DADPs implementation is concerned, for more details see the final report below:


Best Practices for Climate Smart Agriculture in Tanzania

This report presents the final technical report that draw lessons on best practices for climate smart small-scale  agriculture  (C3SA) to be shared with stakeholders for the purpose of influencing policy and policy practices at all levels. The report is based on literature review and filed visits to Kilosa and Chamwino Districts in Tanzania.


Baseline study for the Climate Change, Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation (CCAP) initiative

The Climate Change, Agriculture and Poverty alleviation initiative is a project being implemented through a partnership between five organizations in Tanzania with site-level activities in Kilosa and Chamwino Districts. The objective of the project is for Tanzania to be implementing policies and strategies that prioritise support to small-scale farmers to enable them to improve their livelihoods through the adoption of climate smart agriculture and sustainable land and natural resources management.

For more information on the baseline study conducted in the two districts, view the below document.


Climate Change, Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania

This project leaflet gives brief description on the goals, objectives and activities which are implemented by CCPA project in Tanzania.

This project is implemented in Chamwino and Kilosa Districts in Tanzania.