The Climate Change, Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation (CCAP) initiative is a partnership between five civil society organisations with a commitment to improve accountability and with specific experience in agriculture (ActionAid Tanzania and Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement) and REDD (TFCG) working with grass-root networks of farmers (MVIWATA) and communities engaged in participatory forest management (MJUMITA).

The initiative is an innovative partnership that will bridge the gap between NGOs more traditionally focused on forest conservation and those working on agricultural issues. The initiative aims to steer Tanzania towards an agricultural development pathway that achieves the dual goals of poverty reduction and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation – Putting small scale farmers at the heart of policy and practice includes a national level advocacy component plus site based demonstration activities in three dry land villages in Chamwino District and three upland villages in Kilosa District. The project has commenced on  October 2012 and will end in December 2014.

Project Goal

The goal of the climate change, agriculture and poverty alleviation project (CCAP) is that poverty has been reduced amongst small-scale farmers in Tanzania and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture have been reduced through the widespread adoption of climate resilient, low emission agricultural practices.

Project approach and strategy

The project will achieve its goal by advocating for Tanzania to develop and implement policies and strategies that prioritise support to small-scale farmers to enable them to improve their livelihoods through the adoption of climate smart agriculture and sustainable land and natural resources management.

Strategies that simultaneously increase adaptive capacity, reduce vulnerability and mitigate climate change are likely to present fewer adoption barriers than those with conflicting impacts. For example increasing soil organic matter content can both improve fertility and reduce the impact of drought, improving adaptive capacity, making agriculture less vulnerable to climate change, while also sequestering carbon. IPCC 2007

The project is financed by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) through AcT, the Accountability in Tanzania Programme.

More information on the project please visit our website http://tfcg.org/CCAP.html

Map showing six villages in Chamwino and Kilosa Districts

                                                         Project Area

Project Area

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